IDR Blok

Simple graphical design for process control

The IDR BLOK software package is a user-friendly graphical development software for programming closed-loop control problems on standard Mitsubishi MELSEC Q and FX3U PLC systems. It allows the controller to perform direct digital control in the loop (DDC), so that it performs as a multi-loop controller. It is a Continuous Flow Chart (CFC) programming tool for process control automation.


Configuring a process control system couldn’t be simpler

You just assemble it graphically, by placing function blocks on the screen, and then the inputs and outputs of these blocks can be connected by dragging the connections. The integrated compiler generates the code for the controller.

Areas of use

The areas of use are predominantly in energy installations, building control and in various process and chemical industries, such as food, paper, wood, HVAC systems, etc.

Benefits of using IDR BLOK

IDR BLOK simplifies the design of closed-loop control systems and speeds this up by at least 30% at the expense of intuitive tools for process identification and controller tuning, allowing significant savings and noticeable improvements in efficiency by an average of 20%.

Rich built-in library of functional blocks

IDR BLOK includes a rich library of functional blocks that the system engineer is looking for and gives the IDR BLOK tool further possibilities and widens the field of application. Among other function blocks, IDR BLOK also contains blocks that monitor and analyze control loop and process and blocks which contains standard and advanced process control (APC) algorithms.

Process Identification and Controller Tuning tools

IDR BLOK contains Process Identification Tool to obtain the mathematical model of the process from the measurements and Controller Tuning Tool which automatically calculates the parameters for the PID, PFC and Smith controllers.

Online Mode and Online Change Mode

The user can intervene and change the control parameters at any time with the Online Mode and Online Change Mode.

Primeri vpeljanih rešitev

  • Advanced process control (APC) algorithms

    IDR BLOK offers standard and advanced control algorithms.


    Standard process control algorithms:

    • ON/OFF controller
    • P3P controller
    • PID controller
    • position PID
    • velocity PID
    • ENTHALPY controller



    Advanced process control algorithms:

    Modular PID

    o    PID with additional input and output filters

    • Set Point filter
    • Manipulative Value filter

    o    suitable for various control structures (cascade, etc.)



    Predictive functional controllers – PFCs


    o    PFC SF (for first order processes), PFC SS (for second order processes), PFC INT (for integral processes)

    o    uses a process model to predict and optimize the controller output (MV)

    o    control quality depends on the accuracy of the estimated process model

    o    more robust than PID

    o    easy tuning with Controller Tuning tool

    o    suitable for high delayed processes



    Smith predictor


    o    PID and a process model with the delay

    o    most effective for controlling the delayed processes

    o    efficiency of a feedback control using a Smith predictor increases with increasing delay and the order of the process



    Fuzzy logic controller


    o    block performs the function of fuzzy logic

    o    Fuzzy Logic Controller Designing Tool – specific user interface for FLC design and testing

    o     Sugeno 0-order FLC type

    o    up to 2 inputs, 1 outputs

    o    triangular membership functions for each input

    o    most effective for controlling non-linear processes



    Fuzzy Gain Scheduling Controller – FGSC


    o    executes the position PID algorithm with fuzzy scheduling of local controller parameters

    o    one-dimensional fuzzy scheduling with up to 10 local controllers

    o    scheduling variable can be PV, SP, MV or measured disturbance

    o    for high nonlinear processes



    Explicit parametric Model-based Predictive Controller – EMPC


    o    algorithm for the search of the active region in the state-space partition of the expanded model

    o    partition should be determined in advance using Matlab software

    o    up to 8 inputs (state vector x typically formed using Kalman filter) and two outputs (change of MV signal)

    o    soft and hard limitations on PV can be used

    o    significantly improve the control of processes which require control very near the process limit or when the process is not allowed to get beyond a certain limit




    Please contact us for more information.


  • Controller Tuning tool
    Purpose of Controller Tuning is to:

    • set the controller parameters for operational state of the process
    • for some APC’s, manual setting is not feasible:
      o   difficult to determine parameters – process model must be known
    • reduce amount of work and time necessary for designing – setting up the control application
    • reduce the depth of knowledge necessary in using the APC:
      o   target objective: plug & play functionality


    IDR BLOK’s Controller Tuning Tool:

    • automatically calculates the parameters and recommends the most suitable controller structure
      o   calculation is  based on a specified process model
    • various tuning methods for PID and Smith controllers:
      o   Area method
      o   Ziegler-Nichols
      o   CHR
      o   Balanced method
    • Basic and Advanced tuning method for PFC controllers
    • every method can tune the controller in the reference-tracking mode or the disturbance elimination mode
    • the tuning results:
      o   Kp, Ti, Td and Kd for PID,
      o   Kp, Ki, Kd, Tf_MV and Tf_SP for SMITH and modular PID,
      o   Trbf and H for PFC.


    Tuning example on real process with PID/M controller

    The PID/M controller controls water height in 2nd tank in two tanks system.

    Controller tuning tool


    Please contact us for more information.



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