Process automation

Inea implements projects for automation of industrial processes in the field of management of continuous and batch processes. Process automation leads to higher product quality, increases production capacity and resource productivity. Using the control systems we introduce more humane handling of industrial processes, since operator’s station is moved to a safer and cleaner environment inside the monitoring-control room and at the same time provides a comprehensive overview of the system operation.

Our solutions from process control systems therefore pursue goals:

  • Enhancing the quality and repeatability of products
  • Reducing production fluctuations
  • Shortening the production cycle and consequently increase the amount of product
  • Detection of bottlenecks in production
  • Implementation of solutions for quick data archiving for the purposes of the analysis of complex processes
  • Energy saving
  • Facilitating the work of the operator and increase control from control centers

We offer solutions for the following types of processes:

flue gas filtration filtration, decanter washing of the suspension grinding raw materials
cooling calcinate hotmelt Production of PVA glue
control of vulcanization boilers and autoclaves spinning and pre-drying gel Neutralization and pH regulation
drying bricks Preparation and addition of the reactants grinding, premixing, digestion and preparation rutilization tubs
Production and separation of crude oil batch-chemical treatment synthesis resin
washing, drying and micronization process peptization, pigmentation and crystallization Control of glass furnaces
Management and control of autoclaves, curing materials cooking pulp anaerobic wastewater treatment
manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients metal heat treatment, hardening, carbonisation synthesis of nanomaterials in a plasma reactor

At our work we use advanced control technologies:

model-predictive regulation
self-adjusting and adaptive controllers multivariable control systems
regulation with soft (fuzzy) regulators Performance monitoring and  systems degradation control
automatic recipes execution
simultaneous execution of a large number of recipes simple execution of batch production control of the process by the controller with real-time control loop
strict implementation of recipes with great repeatability management of recipes using ISA-S88.01.

Our software applications are based on the automatic capturing and efficient storage of process data. The modular design of the system allows the user to choose the configuration according to their own needs and can be upgraded anytime with new modules.

For the purposes of batch management, we have developed a products PLCbatch and C-Batch, which enables reliable recipe management on PLC platform.


  • Helios: Avtomatizacija procesa Sinteze umetne smole

    Skupina Helios proizvaja umetne smole že od leta 1908 in proizvede preko 60.000 ton tekočih smol letno, ki jih prodaja v 50 državah po celem svetu. Širok proizvodni program pokriva tri glavna področja uporabe: premazi, kompoziti in smole za PU sisteme.

  • LEK: Avtomatizacija procesa “Prevzem fermentacijske brozge”

    Avtomatizacija procesa “Sprejemne posode za CVL brozgo” v obratu Lek Lendava: rešitev za spremljanje, nadzor in vodenje procesa, s katero je podjetje Lek povečalo proizvodnjo antibiotikov.


    Podjetje LEK, član skupine Sandoz, razvija, proizvaja in trži učinkovita, varna in kakovostna zdravila


There is no universal solution in computer control of the energy sector and industry that would suit all the companies! Because our client is our partner and we work with many different industries, we understand your needs and are able to provide you with customized solution.

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