Robot cells

Recently, we have witnessed a rapid development in the field of industrial robotics. Robots have become a reliable and offer exceptional performance. They are useful for research and laboratory work, and even more so for the industrial packaging needs, folding, assembly, tending, welding, grinding, etc. They are used in environments that are harmful or unfit for humans. Their performance, accuracy, repeatability and speed of operation, result in higher productivity, fewer workers, higher quality and less rejects, all leading to a reduction in production costs.

Companies are increasingly opting for the installation of robots into their existing lines. Robots can be used for various purposes. An example of use is also de-palletization, that is, for the unloading the goods from a pallet, and the palletization, meaning stacking the products on a pallet. The entire handling process can then be carried out automatically by a conjunction with labeling machine, pallet wrapper and transportation to the rack warehouse.

Inea, together with its partners offers customers a full range of services, from the preparation of conceptual studies to execution and maintenance of the system. Activities include:

  • hardware,
  • Electrical equipment including sensors and actuators,
  • computer control equipment including robots.


  • increased capacity
  • reduced production costs
  • elimination of harmful jobs


  • Carrera Optyl: Robotizacija lakiranja priponk za očala

    Sistem treh robotskih celic izdelanih z industrijsko opremo Mitsubishi Electric. Carrera Optyl, d.o.o. je del mednarodne skupine Safilo Group. V prodajnem programu ima okvirje očal, izdelana s tehnologijama litja in brizganja za svetovna imena modnega oblikovanja.

  • Banini: Robotizacija transportne linije in pakiranja

    Robotizacija proizvodnje in avtomatizacija linije za transport keksov do robotske celice. Izvedena pakirna linija vključuje dve robotski celici. V vsaki celici se nahajata dva robota Mitsubishi RH-10AH85, ki delata sinhrono. Robot prime keks s pomočjo vakuuma, ki se ustvari z vakuumskimi ejektorji in deluje preko cevne inštalacije ter silikonskih seskov.


There is no universal solution in computer control of the energy sector and industry that would suit all the companies! Because our client is our partner and we work with many different industries, we understand your needs and are able to provide you with customized solution.

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