Kolektor ATP: Production planning to reduce inventories

Using the solution for production planning, company Kolektor ATP improved delivery times, got a complete overview of the production occupancy, reduced inventory and shortened the time needed for planning.

The situation

Kolektor ATP, part of the Kolektor enterprise, with more than 50 years of experience develops, manufactures and markets thermoplastic products. The company runs a program of automotive plastic products for a variety of global manufacturers.

Business challenge

Kolektor ATP has sought to expand into other foreign markets, but the current facilities were not in a condition to support the planned growth desired. The two main challenges they were facing were achieving delivery schedules and increase the level of productivity in manufacturing.


  • failure to control the rapid changes in orders and a large number of fragmented contracts,
  • challenges in human resources management in production,
  • poor management of supply.

Capabilities and solution

Mr. Franci Rojc, head of production, said they need a way to:

  • efficiently schedule work operations, which would integrate with existing systems (ERP, MES)
  • relieve the production planners, so that they would be able to plan production in the planning horizon,
  • prepare intermediates in a timely manner.

INEA, using the planning tool Preactor (now Siemens Opcenter APS) established the solution for production planning, which brought Kolektor ATP improved delivery times, an overview of the occupancy of production, reduced inventory and shortened the time needed for planning.


  • Reduced the time required for planning by 60%.
  • Preparatory cost of production decreased by 10%.
  • Reduced lead times in production by 11% and reduced material costs by 2%.

“In the plastics industry, changes in procurement are very common, so quick reaction is necessary. Because the old system did not suffice, we tried several solutions, but Preactor was simply the best. ” Jordan Lapajne planner


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