Energy audits and energy consulting

Znak_nagrada_Enodmev016High-quality feasibility study of each energy efficiency measure is a crucial step before deciding to invest. Our interdisciplinary group of mechanical, electrical and computer engineers carry out a critical analysis of the eligibility of the measure, and so we share our experience in the field of systems for efficient energy use with you. The feasibility study includes technical and economic aspects of investment, with proposals for co-financing of measures in accordance with the current support schemes.

Energy audit

Energy audit is accurate insight into energy processes of a company. It is designed for thorough analysis of complex energy consumers.

Energy audits are performed with the goal of transparently presenting opportunities for improvement for the effective energy management of the company. We understand that the energy audit is the first step to improve energy efficiency, therefore we provide our subscribers with the implementation phase of the measures in practice after the audit.

Energy audit includes:

  • an overview of the energy flows and analysis of the energy situation and energy management,
  • presentation of potential energy efficiency measures and
  • analysis of selected energy efficiency measures.

At Inea we are focused on conducting energy audits in the industry sector. The scope of the energy audit is tailored to the client; we perform extended as well as directed energy audits. For optimum implementation of an energy audit we suggest the type and range of measurements of energy flows, that are critical for the identification and analysis of selected energy efficiency measures.

For carrying out energy audits we follow the guidelines of the standards DIN EN 16247 (energy audits) and ISO 50002 (Energy audits – Requirements for guidance for use).

Large companies are obligated to conduct an energy audit until 12/31/2017.

Methodology and content of Energy reviews are defined by the Rules on methodology of preparation and content of the energy audit. Thorough preparation for an energy audit and its implementation, together take a few months of work so we invite you to contact us and schedule an energy audit for your company.

Our knowledge and experience in the field of industrial energy projects will be transferred to you during the energy audit, so it will become an added value for your business.


There is no universal solution in computer control of the energy sector and industry that would suit all the companies! Because our client is our partner and we work with many different industries, we understand your needs and are able to provide you with customized solution.

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