inGenious Grid – Virtual Power System

In order to avoid failures in electricity supply, such as darkening or partial blackouts during peak hours, operators of electricity transmission systems and distribution systems traditionally increase electricity production by building new power plants and transmission routes. Similarly, price uncertainty is present on the electricity market.


inGenious Grid

As an alternative and complementary solution to new investments, inGenious Grid provides a solution for demand-side energy management. Based on the monitoring data on consumption of electricity, the system automatically disconnects the specified load (or activates dispersed sources) to ensure the optimum state of supply and demand while providing financial savings to all target groups of users.

inGenious Grid system allows users to become active players in smart grids by activating flexibility on their own consumption and electricity for the benefits of all stakeholders on the electricity market.

inGenious Cube – energy management of individual devices

inGenious Cube can connect to a local or remote flexibility management system and contribute the flexibility of its device. In this way, each device can be a part of comprehensive energy management without the need for manual signal reading, separate meters, or parallel use of another control system.

Some older machines are not compatible with modern control systems, even though they are indispensable in some manufacturing environments. To avoid expensive and unnecessary investments in new production equipment, inGenious Cube can take control of devices with a wide range of protocols, connectors, signals, or custom converters.

The inGenious product group also includes:


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