Carrera Optyl: Robotisation of glasses varnishing

The system of three robotic cells designed with Mitsubishi Electric equipment. Carrera Optyl, is part of an international group Safilo Group. Their portfolio includes eyewear frames, manufactured by injection molding and casting technology for recognized titles from the world of fashion.

Business challenge

Carrera Optyl company was facing the problem of lacking the capacity for varnishing glasses attachments. If they wanted to respond to the increase in demand, it was necessary to update and expand existing capacities.


  • Lack of productive capacity.
  • Lack of flexibility in the paint attachments.
  • Following trends, lowering production costs.

Capabilities and solution

Mr. Damir Lukežič, Technical Manager, said that they need a solution for:

  • Increasing the capacity of painting glasses attachments
  • Flexible solution for coating of attachments that will be technically compatible with existing equipment, especially holders of attachments and systems for air exhaust
  • Training of production team for efficient simultaneous adaptation to different types of spectacle attachments.

Inea and Inea RBT developed a system of three robotic cells, which were made on the basis of industrial equipment company Mitsubishi Electric. At the same time the training took place for maintenance teams of Carrera Optyl for programming robots from family MISTUBISHI Melfa.


  • Increasing capacity by 80%.
  • Discard reduction of 40%.
  • Reducing lead times in production by 20% and reduce material costs by 10%.

“In our industry it is necessary to constantly keep pace with technological trends and raise quality. Company Carrera has always been utilizing innovative technological solutions. The investment in robotics is the next step in the continuous development.”
Damir Lukežič, Technical Manager


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