Adria Mobil: Boards manipulation for the manufacture of residential caravans

The investor was facing the problem with manufacturing and manipulation of the component panes for the floor, sides and roofs of camp trailers. There were delays at composition to bonding and CNC processing on milling machines. Because of different technological production times, there was constant need for plates shifting and manipulation, which led to delays at the final composition.

We devised a system solution by implementing the transport manipulator, which connects presses and CNC machines, with temporary storage capabilities in both vertical and horizontal storages. Transport manipulator collects boards from presses in two connected hallways. Boards are grabbed using vacuum grippers and transported at a height of 3500 mm. Boards are deposited in temporary storages and later served to CNC machines. The entire system is computerized and connected to the central system of the plant, where production is planned.

With the construction of the system we increased capacity, reduced the production time, removed the congestions due to incorrect sequence of boards on machine tools.


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