Horizon 2020: GOFLEX – Generalized Operational FLEXibility for Integrating Renewables in the Distribution Grid

GOFLEX is an H2020 IA project (LCE-02-2016 call, 2016-2019) with an overall objective to further develop, innovate, integrate, and demonstrate an integrated solution that will significantly contribute to the cost effective use of demand response in distribution grids and in-crease the available flexibility of loads/generation to be included in demand response schemes. Key objectives are:

  • Introduce dynamic pricing of energy through automatic demand response trading by prosumers
  • Augment demand response through energy storage in processes
  • Integrate optimized and balanced demand response ready energy management system:
  • Integrate grid users from the transport – charging/discharging station management system:
  • Improve observability and manageability of distribution grid for use of demand response:
  • Provide cloud (SaaS) based data and forecasts provision service platform for energy market and weather forecasts data

The GOFLEX Integrated system prototype will be demonstrated in real environments for different use cases in three locations: Cyprus, Switzerland and Germany. Inea is a technical coordinator of the whole project, providing also the core technology for flexibility trading.