IDR Blok

Simple graphical design for process control

The IDR BLOK software package is a user-friendly graphical development software for programming closed-loop control problems on standard Mitsubishi MELSEC Q and FX3U PLC systems. It allows the controller to perform direct digital control in the loop (DDC), so that it performs as a multi-loop controller. It is a Continuous Flow Chart (CFC) programming tool for process control automation.


Configuring a process control system couldn’t be simpler

You just assemble it graphically, by placing function blocks on the screen, and then the inputs and outputs of these blocks can be connected by dragging the connections. The integrated compiler generates the code for the controller.

Areas of use

The areas of use are predominantly in energy installations, building control and in various process and chemical industries, such as food, paper, wood, HVAC systems, etc.

Benefits of using IDR BLOK

IDR BLOK simplifies the design of closed-loop control systems and speeds this up by at least 30% at the expense of intuitive tools for process identification and controller tuning, allowing significant savings and noticeable improvements in efficiency by an average of 20%.

Rich built-in library of functional blocks

IDR BLOK includes a rich library of functional blocks that the system engineer is looking for and gives the IDR BLOK tool further possibilities and widens the field of application. Among other function blocks, IDR BLOK also contains blocks that monitor and analyze control loop and process and blocks which contains standard and advanced process control (APC) algorithms.

Process Identification and Controller Tuning tools

IDR BLOK contains Process Identification Tool to obtain the mathematical model of the process from the measurements and Controller Tuning Tool which automatically calculates the parameters for the PID, PFC and Smith controllers.

Online Mode and Online Change Mode

The user can intervene and change the control parameters at any time with the Online Mode and Online Change Mode.


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