C Batch

Batch process control

With Inea’s C Batch  tools running on Mitsubishi Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) hardware, the execution of recipes is relocated from the PC platform to a PAC platform. Recipe based batch process control systems are simplified for easier handling, without essentially reducing the expressive power and the abstraction level.

Simpler batch implementation
  • S88.01 style recipe running without the need for PCs in runtime operation,
    means increased security
  • Simultaneous execution of several recipes provides greater flexibility
  • Enhanced phase engine system running in real time
System Benefits

C Batch  provides all the features you would expect from traditional PC-based batch control software, but with the reliability for which PACs are renowned, including:

  • Simultaneous execution of several recipes with automatic allocation of units for increased productivity
  • Support for parallel (AND) as well as selective (OR) branches for improved flexibility
  • Execution of the state-transition algorithm of individual phases, extended by the notion of superstates to improve the abstraction level and simpler programming
  • High security of control system with isolation from computer viruses and windows OS problems reduces down time
  • Configurable behaviour related to propagation of holding transition from phases to recipe and vice versa provides flexible manipulation
  • Recipe versus physical model consistency check increases safety
  • High availability embedded database technology on PAC platform improves speed and safety
  • Scaling of recipe parameters and consequently scaling of production batches improves flexibility
  • Controller based architecture with extremely high reliability of standard industrial PAC environment improves safety



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