Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation, the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation, makes its customers more productive and the world more sustainable. Throughout the world, their flagship Allen-Bradley® and Rockwell Software® product brands are recognized for innovation and excellence.

RA Recognized System Integrator

INEA is a Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrator in the field of process control. According to Rockwell Automation, the recognized system integrators are resources who are best positioned to leverage their technologies with a reduction in project risk. The long-term commitment to Rockwell technologies in delivering the most reliable technical solutions and customer service means that INEA will always be able to deliver the best and most effective solution for every customer’s needs.


There is no universal solution in computer control of the energy sector and industry that would suit all the companies! Because our client is our partner and we work with many different industries, we understand your needs and are able to provide you with customized solution.

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