Inea actively combines advanced technologies with our proprietary development to create comprehensive technological systems that effectively tackle production and energy challenges. By doing this, we bring the vision of environmentally and socially responsible modern technological development to life. Simply put, we dictate the standards of excellence in our chosen markets, and we do it sustainably.

We live, think, and act by three strong philosophies that embody the spirit of INEA:

  1. Lead the Way: There’s always an opportunity to do better.

We never settle. We strive for excellence and are unconstrained by the way things have always been done. We choose to have a positive outlook and an open mind that allow us to creatively approach every task and obstacle to find the most ideal solution. We empower our people to question, challenge the status quo, and stay vigilant for new opportunities and potential glitches. This allows us to persist, be resilient, turn impossible into possible, and inspire those around us.

  1. Do the Right Thing: We do what we say and say what we do

Integrity is a crucial quality of our people and our work. We always strive to do the right thing, act truthfully, transparently, and honourably toward employees, customers, and shareholders. Our team works with utmost professionalism and reliability as we understand how high the stakes are.

  1. Win as a Team: We are in this together

We are a community that believes in the power of collaboration and shows deep commitment to diversity and inclusion. We invest in developing our people, understanding our customer’s challenges, and nurturing atmosphere of mutual respect, dedication, and enthusiasm.
We work openly and across different teams because that allows us to build relationships, learn from each other’s perspectives, and win as a team.

INEA always welcomes communicative and technically versed colleagues who are looking for new challenges and personal growth.

Open positions:

Senior consultant in energetics
Full employment
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Technical associate in the workshop – entry control
Full employment
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Engineer technologist in energetics
Full employment
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Technical associate in the workshop – electrical technician
Full employment
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Mechanical engineer – constructer
Full employment
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If you wish to become a part of our team, simply send a written application that includes a short CV, a presentation of larger personal projects in your technical field, and proof of formal education if required.

Send your applications to:

or via post to:

INEA d.o.o.
Kadrovska služba
Stegne 11
SI-1000 Ljubljana