January 19, 2022

Successful Project at Plastoform Šmarjeta

We are proud to announce the successful implementation of the Opcenter Scheduling solution at Plastoform Šmarjeta, for which we prepared a joint case study with Siemens. The study outlines the challenges that Plastoform faced prior to our collaborative effort of improving production scheduling by integrating our solution with their existing systems and workflows.

Consequently, Plastoform has been able to reduce required inventory by a remarkable 90 percent on certain projects, edging closer to the JIT (just-in-time) production goals. With Opcenter APS solution, they now automatically schedule 20,000 work hours in advance, which is a significant upgrade from the previous manually scheduled 8,000 hours.

” Most people think that planning is a stressful job. It is if you do not have the tools to do it.”
Mitja Pavlič, Head of Planning Department at Plastoform

You can read the case study here.