November 26, 2020

MAMA-MEA receives the Best Innovation Award at EU Hydrogen Week 2020

The EU Hydrogen Week, organised by the Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Joint Undertaking of the European Commission and Hydrogen Europe, hosts talks from Europe’s top experts, scientists, and legislators of the clean energy transition. During the event, the best projects, initiatives, and innovations in clean hydrogen are awarded.

MAMA-MEA, the recipient of this year’s Best Innovation Award, is developing the additive layer manufacturing (ALM) process for the edge sealed CCM’s to increase the competitiveness of the European fuel cell industry. This will increase the manufacturing rate for more than 10 times, bring key material utilisation to 99 %, product quality and yield to 95 %, and reduce direct materials and manufacturing costs by 58 %. INEA’s part in the project is the design of the industrial manufacturing process for the large-scale production and quality control methods to detect defects during manufacturing.

The project is currently being designed at the Swindon plant of Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells, where it is set to start production in the future. It will be, at that time, the fastest production line of this type in the world. We are proud to contribute to such an integral piece of the global clean energy transition.

MAMA-MEA has received funding from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking under grant agreement No. 779591.