June 28, 2021

Inea Receives Platinum Creditworthiness for The Third Consecutive Year

Global credit agency Dun & Bradstreet awarded Inea with the Platinum AAA Creditworthiness Certificate once again. While the global economy is recovering from a deep and complex crisis, financial stability is as important as ever. This certificate was awarded to only the top 3,7% of businesses in Slovenia this year and it attests to one’s ability to survive and thrive in the most difficult of circumstances. Moreover, this year marks the first time Inea achieved the maximum number of points in the creditworthiness rating system.

According to Dun&Bradstreet, great companies are constantly pushing limits. They preserve good business practices, achieve outstanding business results, care for the overall satisfaction, and show financial integrity. The agency manages a database of over 300 million businesses in 190 countries around the globe.

2021 AAA Platinum EN