December 6, 2019

INEA in the Registry of Companies With High Added Value

INEA will be registered by the Slovenian Enterprise Fund into the Registry of Companies with High Added Value in January 2020.

The Registry lists companies whose added value per employee is at least 50% over the average for the Republic of Slovenia. In 2018, the national average was 44 415 EUR, whereas we created 66 535 EUR of added value per employee. We have no doubt this number will continue to rise in the future, so we can keep on providing high-quality products and services. One criterion for registration was also having over 1 million EUR of sales income, which we also achieved in 2018.

This is yet another in a collection of evidence that our hard work and business excellence is widely acclaimed. We are confident that we will continue to achieve and surpass any goals we set.

All the data is available to the public on the AJPES platform.