July 24, 2020

50 million catalytic converters inspected by INEA last year alone

The largest Slovene business daily newspaper Finance published an article about INEA’s industrial vision system inSpect. The article touches on the technology, practices, and the future in a conversation with Blaz Japelj, lead engineer, Marko Grilc, inSpect product manager, and Sasa Muhic Pureber, VP Manufacturing Intelligence.

They take a close look at their latest quality control line for a major automotive OEM supplier, in which inSpect takes care of visual inspection of a catalytic converter’s plugged cells to ensure no unwanted anomalies that would decrease its efficiency. We can also utilize machine vision for part positioning, labelling and tracking, surface irregularity detection, and various other quality assurance applications.

The article also talks about our current development of lab-precision X-ray vision machines implemented directly on the production line, which would expose hidden anomalies in every single part without expensive and time-consuming laboratory processes.

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