Cost efficiency and environmental sustainability of the business is closely related to the management of energy processes. With groundbreaking solutions for energy systems optimization we strive toward a bright, green future.

In the field of energy solutions we offer comprehensive services from focused energy audits, feasibility studies and project documentation to system implementation and maintenance.


  • Silkem: Turn-key cogeneration system (CHP)

    Silkem is recognized European manufacturer of raw materials for detergents and chemical industry, refractory materials, ceramic and foundry industry. For production purposes they require the heat, produced by the gas boilers and two existing cogeneration systems. more…

  • ETA Cerkno: Monitoring, control and management of energy

    The company ETA Cerkno, a member of the E.G.O., manufactures electric heating and control elements. Company is the worldwide leader for the hot plates manufacturing and an European leader in the capillary thermostats segment. ETA also produces products made of cast iron and more…

  • ETI: Feasibility study for waste heat recovery

    Feasibility study on waste heat utilization, where the possibilities were analyzed for exploiting the waste heat to produce heat for space heating, cooling or the production of electricity. more…


There is no universal solution in computer control of the energy sector and industry that would suit all the companies! Because our client is our partner and we work with many different industries, we understand your needs and are able to provide you with customized solution.

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