Machine vision solutions

Inea develops specialized solutions for visual inspection and solutions for process control with machine vision. Perfectly adapted to the needs of our clients, we develop and build a completely new device or your machine vision to help improve existing systems. Machine vision is applied in systems in which we are to ensure:

  • fast and automated visual, OCR, thermal imaging or laser measuring control within the production process,
  • identification barcode, 2D, QR codes and OCR to ensure the traceability of cut and installed materials, verification of printed codes and assess their legibility,
  • management of automated processes with machine vision (robotic machine vision).

Inea implements and supports the machine vision solutions on five continents. We cooperate with laboratories for machine vision on the faculties of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana.


There is no universal solution in computer control of the energy sector and industry that would suit all the companies! Because our client is our partner and we work with many different industries, we understand your needs and are able to provide you with customized solution.

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