August 6, 2019

Inea Awarded with Platinum Creditworthiness Excellence

We are proud to announce that INEA has received the 2019 Platinum Creditworthiness Rating of Excellence, which is issued for the first time exclusively to the companies that continue to achieve Gold Creditworthiness Excellence year after year.

The platinum edition represents the highest possible recognition of business excellence at the European level, and only 1.2% of Slovenian companies have received this award.
Organizations that demonstrate platinum creditworthiness excellence represent the most reliable, credible, and low-risk business entity for business partners – customers, suppliers, insurance companies, banks, and other business partners.

According to Bisnode International, great companies are constantly pushing limits. They preserve good business practices, achieve outstanding business results, care for the overall satisfaction, and show financial integrity.

To note: Bisnode, the largest partner company of Dun & Bradstreet credit rating company, conducts financial analyses and has a long tradition of awarding companies with certificates of excellence in 19 European countries, including Slovenia.